The Journey to the Cross (John 19: 16-24, 28-30)

2019 Summer Sermon Series, “Joy for our Journeys,” August 11, 2019

On so many occasions, our words and our actions say that we don’t think Jesus has a right to claim to be our king, but he loves us anyway, and that love led him on his journey to live alongside of us in a sin filled world, and to suffer, and to die on that cross for us.

That love led him to go through everything that was predicted, everything that was prophesied concerning the Savior of the world.

That love led our king to die on behalf of his people.

We leave church with sorrow in our hearts over our sins, but we also leave with hope. We leave knowing that the tomb will not be the last place where we see our Savior and we leave thankful that Jesus Christ made the journey to the cross for us.


Pastor Nathan Kassulke

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