In the beginning... 

In the beginning…there had to be a beginning. That's not a particularly earth shattering revelation. It's not meant to be. But it does make you think. For every place you want to go, every thing you want to achieve, every one you want to meet—there has to be a beginning, a starting place. This is ours. It doesn't matter to us why your're starting. Maybe you grew up "churched" but life happened and you grew away. Maybe you didn't and you're curious. Maybe you're active but questioning. Maybe you're none of these things. Or maybe you're a healthy mixture of them all. It doesn't matter to us why you're starting—simply that you are. Our introductory Bible class, called “Grow in Grace,” is just that. It's the beginning. 

Over this course we cover all the basics: from creation, to Jesus and what he's done to save, how to read God's Word, baptism, holy communion, faith, and daily life.

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