A Light in the Darkness (Isaiah 9)

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, December 24, 2018

Light and darkness are polar opposites. Where one advances, the other must retreat.

Thus, they parallel the ultimate of polar opposites — good and evil, holiness and sin.

Ever since mankind fell into sin, God promised to send a great Light to pierce the darkness of sin and death.

  • Let there be Light, from Genesis 1 and 3, Pastor Tim Patoka, Youth and Family Pastor

  • Light has Come, from John 3, Jay Wiechmann, Financial Secretary

  • Day of Darkness, from Joel 2, David Farley, Elder of Education

  • A walk in the Light, from 1 John 1, Jason Watson, Elder of Member Ministry

  • The Lord is my Light, Psalm 27, Jeff Weinstein, Trustee

  • A Light has Dawned, from Isaiah 9, Pastor Nathan Kassulke, Tucson Lead Pastor

  • The Birth of Christ, from Luke 2, Eric Hanson, Congregation President

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