Tenebrae Service - Good Friday

God Most Holy, look with mercy on this your family for whom our Lord Jesus Christ was willing to be betrayed, be given over into the hands of the wicked, and suffer death upon the cross.  Keep us always faithful to him, our only Savior, who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.  Amen

  • The Tabernacle and the High Priest Foreshadow Jesus Christ
  • The Great Day of Atonement Foreshadows the Cross
  • The Blood of Our Great High Priest Cleanses Us
  • Our Great High Priest Is Tried and Tortured
  • Our Great High Priest Is Crucified
  • Our Great High Priest Dies
  • Our Great High Priest Is Buried

Exodus 26, 28; Leviticus 16; Hebrews 9; Mark 15

Pastor Nathan Kassulke

Sally Littau