The Coming of the Holy Spirit - What Does Pentecost Mean? (Acts 2:1-21)

The Day of Pentecost, June 9, 2019

What does Pentecost mean?

  • It means that Jesus kept his promise to send the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit remains powerfully active for us.

  • It means that he leads us to call on the name of the Lord and be saved.

Let us rejoice today in his work and let us pray that he would keep us strong through the gospel until we reach the incredible glory of heaven. Amen.

Pastor Nathan Kassulke

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Going Home - Jesus' Assuring Ascension (Luke 24:44-53)

The Ascension of Our Lord, June 2, 2019

It was Jesus Christ who ascended into heaven because his work was done.:

  • Because the disciples witnessed Jesus ascending to heaven, they were assured that everything concerning the Promised Savior was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

  • All those Old Testament prophesies they learned growing up were completed before their very eyes.

He continues to bless all his repentant children with the forgiveness of all their sins.

  • All the person needs to do is confess and trust to receive this blessing.

  • It doesn’t depend on us—-we have a Savior; we have his forgiveness.

That’s assured to us by Jesus’ ascension. Amen.

Pastor Tim Patoka

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Going Home - Home School (John 14: 23-29)

Sixth Sunday of Easter, May 26, 2019

Think of Home School as the training and instruction that prepares you to one day live in your eternal home.

This is the schooling you receive during your days on this eath that lead you to God’s home in heaven, where you will live eternally.

Since this is learning that leads to eternal life, each of us needs to take this kind of schooling seriously.

Pastor Ronald Koehler

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Going Home - Home Is Where the Heart Is (John 13: 31-35)

Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 19, 2019

“Just as I have loved you, so also you are to love one another.”

As we wait to follow our Savior home to heaven:

  • we rely on his love and we reflect his love to others..

  • Our home is in heave and our Savior who loves us promises to take us to be there with him.

  • In the meantime, we show that our heart is with him by loving those he puts in our lives.

Jesus has show us what love looks like. May he grant us to be more like him every day. Amen.

Pastor Nathan Kassulke

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Going Home - Simply Safe (John 10: 22-30)

Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 12, 2019

The assured feeling that we are safe:

  • Because of who Jesus is

  • Because of what Jesus gives.

Jesus is the Christ as attested with his words and actions—-no one else can be our Savior or give us the assurance that we have salvation.

He appeared in power, to assure them of his presence and providence for what lay ahead..

The risen Lord still comes with power through Word and sacrament, assuring us of his forgiveness, promising his Spirit for lives of faithful service, and guaranteeing our resurrection to eternal life..

Pastor Timothy Patoka

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Going Home - Family Meal (John 21: 1-14)

Third Sunday of Easter, May 5, 2019

Another miraculous catch of fish brings the disciples scrambling to worship at the feet of their Savior.

He appeared in power, to assure them of his presence and providence for what lay ahead..

The risen Lord still comes with power through Word and sacrament, assuring us of his forgiveness, promising his Spirit for lives of faithful service, and guaranteeing our resurrection to eternal life..

Pastor Timothy Patoka

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Going Home - House Keys (John 20:19-31)

Second Sunday of Easter, April 28, 2019

What happens after Easter? Jesus offers comfort and assurances to his disciples. He gives them certainty of peace and forgiveness. He gives them the keys to heaven.

What happens after our celebration of Easter? We keep on celebrating by listening to our Savior and receiving from him his gracious gifts to us. He has given us the house keys to our home in heaven. They are ours to know and ours to share.

We and all who believe have life in his name.


Pastor Nathan Kassulke

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What Had Happened? (Luke 24:1-12)

Easter Festival Service, April 21, 2019

What had happened?

  • Jesus rose to be our Savior

  • Leave the tomb in amazement!

Whenever you sin or fail to live as God demands, look to the cross and the empty tomb. It’s because of what Jesus did there that you have peace with God above.

Pastor Timothy Patoka

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What is Truth? (John 18:33-40)

Lenten Midweek 6 Service: April 10, 2019

“What is Truth,” Pontius Pilate asked Jesus.

  • Truth: Jesus isn’t who people want him to be and

  • Truth: Jesus is—-thank God!—-who he claims to be.

Pastor Ron Koehler

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May It Never Be! (Luke 20:9-19)

Fifth Sunday In Lent: April 7, 2019

May it never be that we reject Jesus as the cornerstone of our faith.

  • When we add anything to our faith or let it deteriorate in any way, we are weakening the cornerstone of our faith and run the risk of rejecting Christ.

  • When we seek our priorities first instead of God’s.

  • The more we allow false ideas to creep into our faith or time of absence to wear it away, the shakier our cornerstone becomes and our faith

  • When we withhold the fruits of faith that God expects from us.

Pastor Timothy Patoka

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I Am He (John 18:3-9)

Midweek 5 Lenten Service, April 3, 2019

Jesus’ faithful love continues for all of his sheep. He will lose none that the Father has given to him.

This is your Savior. He is the almighty God, the humble Servant, and the faithful Shepherd. He is the one your soul needs. He is the one who has made you his own. And he wants you to know and trust it. He says, “I am he.”

Pastor Nathan Kassulke

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God Rescues His People (Judges 10: 6-16)

Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 31, 2019

God rescues his people as they seek after pleasure and self-gratification.

And God is there again and again to rescue his people from their earthly enemies, to call them back, full of love and mercy and compassion, and to save them from the ultimate consequence of turning away from him.

Pastor Nathan Kassulke

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Watch and Pray (Matthew 26:35-41)

Midweek 4 Lenten Service, March 27, 2019

Watch our Savior faithfully do the will of God.

Pray that God’s will also be done in us.

As we see our Savior suffering in the garden, we are encouraged to pray that we cling to faith in Jesus, for we know how eager and able our Father is both to hear and to help—-to his glory and for our salvation. Amen.

Pastor Tim Patoka

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Our Redeemer Reminds Us to Repent (Luke 13:1-9)

Third Sunday of Lent, March 24, 2019

Our Lord Jesus has already demonstrated the great love of God to us in every possible way.

It is our Redeemer who reminds us to repent, the one who went to the cross for our sins.

Our repentance is not a burden or an obligation to be met. It is painful, yes, to admit our sinfulness, but it is a joy to know that our sin has been paid for in full.

So, whenever we see tragedy or suffering, we can be thankful that God has been patient with us. We can be reminded of our own sinfulness, and we can rejoice in our loving Savior.

Pastor Nathan Kassulke

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"Love One Another" (John 13:31-35)

Midweek 3 Lenten Service: Three Words of Truth, March 20, 2019

God of love and faithfulness, you showed your favor to your people by sending your one and only Son to be our Savior. Help us to trust in him as our gracious Redeemer and so enjoy the peace he came to bring, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.


Pastor Ryan Heiman

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Jesus Resolutely Goes To Jerusalem (Luke 13:31-35)

Second Sunday of Lent, March 17, 2019

When Jesus decided to go to Jerusalem, it was a resolute decision that he was not going to change.

It was only because of his resolution that such a journey happened.

Jesus was rejected by all and had no personal incentive to finish the journey to Jerusalem and yet, despite the widespread rejection, he still went to complete his goal of our salvation by dying on the cross and rising from the grace on the third day.

He is also resolute to gather all those who have rejected him under his wings for protection and comfort.

It is only by God’s grace that we no longer reject Jesus and remain under his wings for all time.


Pastor Timothy Patoka

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